What is Speech Therapy &

what do Speech Language Pathologists do?

Speech therapy helps your child communicate his/her/their wants and needs, be understood by unfamiliar listeners, effectively navigate emotions, play and interact with their world as their best self, and navigate their stutter so that they are comfortable speaking in any environment.

Speech Language Pathologists treat:

  • Receptive and expressive language- what we understand of language and what we speak
  • Articulation- the speech sounds your child may not produce accurately
  • Stuttering- the repetition of sounds, syllables or words in speech
  • Social-emotional and pragmatic language- the way your child interacts with the world through language and play 

How we can help

All speech sessions are individualized based on individual challenges and needs. Below are some things that might be addressed during Speech sessions:

  • Give your child the opportunity to learn how to express themselves whether it be through vocal, AAC, and/or sign language to reduce frustration and problem behaviors and increase their ability to express their wants and needs.
  • Provide important strategies for articulation by teaching your child how to manipulate their lips, teeth, tongue, and jaw to be better understood.
  • Help your child understand what feeling words mean, teach them how to navigate “big feelings” and express them, and encourage play.
  • Facilitate an understanding of your child’s feelings behind their stutter, help them accept their stutter, and give them strategies from breath, articulation contact, and more to ease stuttering.

We also provide training to parents to help them work on these activities when their child is not in therapy.

Child learning sign language

Our Services

We deliver child-led, play-based services to engage in increasing speech utterances in multiple modalities (AAC, spoken, sign, etc.) as well as with articulation, fluency, and social-emotional skills.

Free Consult

girl speaking

All services will begin with a free play-based consult in which we determine the course of the child’s needs. 


ABA Therapy Intervention

After the consult is complete, a treatment plan will be developed based on each week’s session and progress as data is collected.


ABA Therapy Supervision

Our SLP regularly monitors progress through data collection and is able to informally or formally share progress to other providers depending on the family’s needs.